Saturday, July 2, 2011


A BOY and a GIRL eat dinner near a window.

BOY: I go by the Raleigh Times all the time, and I see these two guys sitting out front. One of them looks like Neil Young and is like, 57 and the other guy is in his 30s and looks like a roadie and they just hang out there. Do you know em?

GIRL: Oh, no. I don't go down there that much. I think I've seen the Neil Young guy in a coffee shop, though.

BOY: They're like always there. But I didn't see them for a few weeks, just long enough for me to wonder where they were. Then,
and I shit you not. I am not making this up. I walk by there the other day and they're back, just sitting there like they never left, and I am not making this up. (He puts down his hamburger and looks around gravely, then leans in) They both have moustaches.

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