Thursday, February 7, 2013

can of worms

[things people have said when they have put makeup on me]
this is a closed list.

"you look just like a little china doll now."
"you have great skin."
"your skin is well-oiled."
"what a difference. this is only $28."
"you have a very defined cupid's bow."
"all it takes is a little time in the mornings."

[possible reasons people do not want to hang out with me]
this is a running list. it will keep running until i figure this out.

i leave parties when i am disappointed
i am openly disappointed
i talk shit about everything
i do not make good eye contact
i make too much eye contact
i will not put out
i am judgemental
i talk about what i want to do
i cuss too much
i get angry
i am too eager
i am impatient
i call instead of text
i mumble (eamdkmsdkm)
i flake out a lot
i genuinely enjoy cutting people i do not like out of my life, pretending that they got hit by a train, and never saying their name again in my mouth
i am too quiet
i pursue (do you want to hang out?)
i forget names
i take things personally
i ask questions (too probing?)
i am a broken record
i speak in cliches