Sunday, October 25, 2009

I am glad you made that mistake all night long.

well I told you I lived right, but you just kept making left turns.
You turned left all night and when it was a dead end, you went straight. 
then we were up a hill and that hill had hills and that was fenced in
and I said "just drive straight over the guard rail because I live down there"
but you said "no no no, that is the direction of my house."
20th was 18th and 18th was 23rd and things were all labyrinthed around. we laughed until we found ourselves ass to ass with three other cars up a hill's hill and a taxi behind us. somehow after backing down with the parking break still on, we crept up near a park and struggling with the gate lock, the sprinklers came on and soaked our shoes.
"it's an alarm system!" we ran around in circles until we jumped the fence.
well, you did. i found another gate and walked in. 
there were swings there, and they overlooked the city and all of its chumps. there were vague flickerings of waterlike movements on the horizon and cars passed so fluidly it is a wonder they are mechanical inside at all. 
the moon was out, just peeking through a hole in the trees, and the swings made creaks out of our names. I heard a thump and thought you might've jumped off early, but you'd thrown your day-old-second-hand gold and white purse into the sand behind you and stretched your arms out at the apex of the swing arch.
the city could've laughed in your face and you would not have cared.
but damn it, why don't you turn right when i say so