Wednesday, March 31, 2010

true stories from across the divide.

Today I ignored a crackhead who had an important message.
It was so important that he rasped, "miss!" multiple times even though his voice was surely almost spent. He tapped on my window after I'd run to the car, locked the door, and turned to scream, "I DO NOT KNOW YOU! GET AWAY FROM MY CAR! I DO NOT KNOW YOU!" through the glass.
He held up two fingers- not a peace sign. he had two teeth. he tapped again. two fingers. I drove away as his friend waved traffic into my now open spot.
I know I missed something.

my father is in the locker room at the gym and a large man approaches him, trying to include him in some joke about lawyers.
the man says, "didn't mean to offend you, buddy. If you're a law--"
and my dad yells, "FUCK that SHIT." and proceeds to towel his head dry.
and the man has not talked to him since.