Sunday, November 21, 2010

ghost in a shell

it started in 5th grade, when my band teacher told my mom, "she just needs to come out of her shell." there was all the time in the world for that back then, i guess.
then we moved when i was in 6th grade. in the cafeteria line, they called me "ghost." and i drifted around that ghetto school full of dust inside and oak trees outside and hated north carolina with all of my heart. i saw 2 different doctors who told my mom, "she just needs to come out of her shell." in high school, i got a job at an independent movie theater, the galaxy, and they gave super hero names to everyone. there was "the seductress", "the shocker", and "the projectionist". i was dubbed "the galaxy ghost."
someone said recently, "you're pretty funny if you just come out of your shell."
at age 23, I doubt i'll be coming out anytime soon. i reckon this is just the personality i was served up with and i'm fine with it.
if i'm in a shell, or a ghost, or a transient being just experiencing the lives around me i wonder what i would be like if i was a real person.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

ichat conversation

josh: gotta go on a date

josh: with some nasty ol'

josh: brother toadstool

me: what does that mean?

me: i dreamed about black men attacking me

josh: there was that little toadstool man

me: am i racist?

josh: who i date?

josh: yeah you are

Monday, November 8, 2010

to self: remind self daily:

things are just not that tragic.
there might be a cat in the guitar case
but that is okay.