Friday, July 13, 2012

future plans 2012

i was reminded by a rabbit running through the desert at dusk. white tail up, the rest blending into gentle browns and pinks. the rain has come; monsoon season. and i found something out here. i think it might be new, but it has these old cords tied to it. i don't want to be lonely, so i decide not to be. and i run over the soft red sand. little sea foam scrub brushes tickling. the rain is so cold from so high up. purple clouds and mountains. they reassure. they are always there, even when people aren't. even when i am not. i want to die out here. if i can navigate my old bones to rest next to the dried, hollow cholla cactus..under smooth, ancient ocean green stones, i will have done it right. hundreds of tiny footsteps above.

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