Wednesday, August 4, 2010

phantom sex

when she woke up, she noticed an unusual pain.
the whole lower body ached like she'd been riding a mechanical bull in a poorly lit, red rodeo bar.
after limping around her apartment and trying to ignore the twinges shooting up the insides and backs of her thighs, she decided to go to the clinic.
she waited for an hour, wearing an impersonal paper dress in a cold room. the doctor entered looking serious and white.
"judging from your symptoms, it seems you've been having phantom sex."
she blinked,"what does this mean?"
the doctor looked at the chart in his hand and squinted.
"well, you make reckless love with no abandon to nothing at all...all night long."
she stared, confused.
the doctor lowered the chart then met her eyes, "and I am sorry to tell you, but you have phantom AIDS."

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