Sunday, April 25, 2010

it was about 70 degrees and i was not dressed in white.

There were some people standing outside in their driveway having a BBQ and I parked a few feet away. I averted my eyes because of the way the man was standing there with a hose, pointed out toward the street.
I looked over. "yeah."
He said, "Come over here."
and I said, "I do not know if that's a good idea."
and the other party people there with him said, "Yeah, cross the street!"
so I was like, "ok."
I went over and said, "Hello."
and he said "Let me spray you with this hose here."
and I said "No. I have groceries and I will also get wet."
and he whined, "C'mon. it's hot as shit."
the sun was indeed out in force.
and his friends said, "C'mon!"
and one held up a boogieboard with the ocean on it and said,
"You can pretend it is the spray of the waves."
So I said, "ok." and a girl took my groceries
and then the man sprayed me with cold water mist while his friends cheered.
Then I took my groceries, thanked them, and went to the house to make fresh basil pizza.

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