Sunday, August 2, 2009

exercises in futility pt. I

i passed a grocery store with balloons in the window.
cold wind. alcohol flavored. i had not been drinking. 
i don't know why the city had been.
pale red sphere. dirty yellow ones.
 dolphin shaped ones. birthday cake ones.they were floating. 
abandoned to a florescent humming light.
tomorrow maybe someone will buy them.
week later, they will be deflated. 
day after that, garbage.

i doubted and i doubted and i doubted all day
and i waited in the car
and watched a spider walk on telephone wires above my head
a gray sky behind him
got out to see
then i locked my keys in the car.
and paid forty five dollars to a mexican tow man
who cut me deal.
'usually it is sixty five, but 'chu know.'
i stared at him. i did not know. i thanked him.
i got back in the car (little spider, telephone wires)
and waited, waited.
lost my shit
then i waited some more.

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